Who’s your Club Coach?

The club coach is the club’s main supporter and will be there to help celebrate successes and recognize member achievements. Most of all, they will help members become self-sufficient, urging them to talk to each other, share observations and push each other forward.

There are many ways for a Kiwanis Club to succeed. Each has its own strengths, traditions and community presence. Because of this, no two struggling Kiwanis clubs will struggle in the same way or for the same reasons.

Whether it’s a newer club that can’t quite get off the ground or an established club that once enjoyed growth and excitement, its members must first figure out what’s wrong and why. Then they will take the necessary steps toward club health. That’s why they need club coaches.

Ultimately, club coaches provide a mix of the practical and the inspirational, and several things in between. What do club coaches do? Through the use of Achieving Club Excellence tools from Kiwanis International and other methods and tools, they help clubs develop long-term goals for service and membership, while helping to monitor member engagement and suggesting adjustments and changed when necessary. This requires their consistent interaction.

As a club coach, they will:

Monitor the clubs reports & accomplishments and encourage the club to celebrate success.

Encourage the club’s membership committee to invite new people to service projects and meetings on a regular basis AND to schedule membership drives at least annually.

Recommend participation in division, district and Kiwanis International activities and events.

Monitor selection and transition of officers and directors, ensuring that incoming leaders participate in Club Leadership Education and prepare incoming officers and directors for the new administrative year.

Review key habits with the clubs, focusing on member satisfaction, community impact and continuous planning for club excellence using Achieving Club Excellence tools as a regular series of resources.

We need you and our clubs need you!

Currently in the Michigan District, we have about 16 clubs being coached by KI Certified Michigan Club Coaches. We have more clubs requesting coaches and would appreciate having more dedicated Kiwanis Members go through the coach training process.

Clubs who would like to request a coach and who would understand that there is work to do on their part with the support of a coach should contact the District Membership Committee Chair, Larry Memmer or our Lead Coach, Linda Lawther.

Members who have even a small interest or questions about being a coach should reach out to Larry or Linda as well. We truly need your help and you can make such a difference to the future of Kiwanis in our district and in the world.

Larry Memmer | [email protected]

Linda Lawther | [email protected]

(some content in this article is courtesy of Jamaica Division 25 division magazine)