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The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation’s (KMF) support of child life services in four Michigan hospitals serves children from every single county in both peninsulas of Michigan. Check out the numbers for 2018 here. Yet too often, we fail to recognize that it supports services for the precious child in our own lives. Often it does not become personal until our child, grandchild, sibling, neighbor or friend’s child receives that service.

Here are some of our Stories:

How can you help?

Encourage your Kiwanis club to make the requested annual contribution of $45 per member as soon as possible. View form.

Make a contribution to the Thomas Oliver Greeting Program in support of our hospitalized children and your greeting will be published in the December/January issue of the Michigan Builder. Did you know that Thomas Oliver was Governor of the Michigan District in 1973-74? Governor Oliver encouraged Kiwanians to make a contribution to the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation at Christmas time rather than sending Christmas cards to fellow Kiwanians around the District. Their name would then be published in the Michigan Builder and that would serve as their Christmas card. What a great way to share the spirit of Christmas AND help hospitalized children!

Make an individual contribution OR a memorial contribution OR in honor of another individual.

Consider purchasing a Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Award for a fellow Kiwanian or another community member … there are several available for donations of $250 up to $1,000!

Donation forms are available on the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Member Resources page.