Helmets R Us

Since 1994, Helmets R Us has been a dependable resource for over 10,000 organizations that promote bike safety. 

Helmets R Us is excited to partner with Kiwanis Clubs by providing you wholesale pricing for quality bicycle safety helmets. 

The following are just a few examples of some of our Kiwanis Club customers you may recognize…

Kiwanis Club of Grand Rapids, MI
Kiwanis Club of Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Cheshire, CT
Kiwanis Club of Davie, FL
Deer Park Kiwanis, Deer Park, WA
Kiwanis Club of Delaware, OH
Kiwanis Club of Dubois, WY
East Spokane Kiwanis, WA
Kiwanis Club of Eugene, OR
Exeter Area Kiwanis Club, NH
Kiwanis Club of Glenwood Springs, CO

Logo helmets is also a big part of what we offer our customers. This allows you or your sponsors to have recognition by having your logo on each helmet.